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Hydrofogger commercial and industrial humidifiers are ideal for multiple applications, such as:
Agriculture uses the Hydrofogger
Laboratories use the Hydrofogger
Mushroom Growing
Mushroom Growing
Orchid Growing

Winery & Wine Making
Hydrofogger is used in Furniture Manufacturing
Furniture Manufacturing
The Hydrofogger is used in the Cabinetry Making business
Cabinetry & Cabinet Making
Fruit & Vegetable Storage
Fruit & Vegetable Storage
Tobacco Curing
Boat Manufacturing or Boat Restoration
Boat Manufacturing/ Restoration

Why Choose a Hydrofogger?

1.  Standard.  The Hydrofogger is the original portable humidifier.  We have been selling the Hydrofogger since 2005.  We have also been here supporting our customers since then.

2.  Spare Parts.  We stock the entire line of spare parts for the Hydrofogger--even parts that have been discontinued.  Please note our spare parts are not compatible with knock-off units.  They are not interchangeable.

3.  Support.  We value our customers above all else.  We are here for you; we have developed proprietary manuals for all of our units.  Others selling lookalike units simply cut, copy and paste product information from our website.    

4.  Straightforward.  All we sell are humidifiers and related accessories.  It's our expertise and it's been that way since 2005; we have the knowledge and experience to fit the right product to your needs-even if it's not ours.  Reach out to us. 

5.  Sincerity.  Unlike other vendors, we will never ship you a previously used unit-Ever.  Our units are brand new and are not returns.  Additionally, all our units are genuine Hydrofoggers; not imitations.  How reliable is the humidifier you are considering?  Is it made with non-flammable ABS plastic?  Does the motor have its own thermostat?  Is it designed to run 24/7?  How long is the warranty?  Again--please be sure of what you are purchasing.

The Hydrofogger is the ideal solution for mid-size humidification. With a coverage up to approximately 45003 ft per unit (depending on humidity level desired), the Hydrofogger produces the humidification you need simply, quietly, and efficiently.  For applications requiring less humidification, we offer the Minifogger, which covers up to approximately 10803 feet.  The Hydrofogger and Minifogger are best suited for such applications as greenhouses, hydroponics, orchid growing, concrete curing, and anywhere immediate humidity is needed.

Unlike other mid-size humidifiers, our humidifiers have fewer moving parts and do not require steam or treated water.  They all come with smooth and powerful industrial-grade motors that will produce clean and ample humidification for years to come.

Our units are designed to install in minutes, and they are fed automatically by a simple connection to a cold water supply.  No need to ever fill the tank!  Control your area's humidity level and your fogger by connecting it to our optional humidistats.

Please note that our foggers are not intended for home use.

Units are also available in 230V/50Hz for non-U.S. customers. We ship internationally.


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