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 Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Do I need to filter or soften my water and what about minerals?
    There is not a simple answer to this question. The humidity coming out of our humidifiers is only as good as the water you put into it. Water hardness differs from region to region. In order to insure that your humidification will be mineral-free, you should use either a water softener or a reverse osmosis water treatment. Both of these systems will prevent calcium and magnesium from calcifying and falling out of the humidification as residue and forming a "white dust" around the humidifier. When using an RO (reverse osmosis) system, we highly recommend one with 5-stage filtration as well as enough capacity to adequately supply your foggers with filtered water.   back to top

  • How does the optional Humidistat work with these humidifiers?
    You simply set the humidistat at your desired humidty level and plug the fogger into the piggyback plug of the humidistat. The humidistat will monitor the humidty level and turn your fogger on/off to maintain that setpoint. It works similarly to a thermostat on an air conditioner. Note the humidistat's accuracy is rated +/-15% which is acceptable for many applications. Users with stricter requirements are urged to contact us for recommendations of more accurate humidistats.  back to top

  • What is the output of the Hydrofogger and the Minifogger?
    The Hydrofogger has an output of 1.05 gallons of water per hour. Additionally, it moves 150 cubic feet per minute of air. The Minifogger's humidification capacity is 0.4 gallons of water per hour.   back to top

  • What is the droplet size of the output?
    Both the Hydrofogger and the Minifogger produce humidification droplets of approximately 20 microns in diameter. This is 0.020 millimeters or seven hundred thousandth's of an inch!  back to top

  • What coverage can be expected from these humidifiers?
    One Hydrofogger will humidify an area up to approximately 4800 cubic feet, depending on the level of humidity required. Those requiring very high humidity levels, may need additional units. The Minifogger will humidify up to 1080 cubic feet, also depending on the required humidity level.   back to top

  • How do the Minifogger and Hydrofogger work?
    Both of our humidifiers use centrifugal force to create humidification. They have few parts to wear out over extended time. The secret is the heavy duty, industrial-grade motor. The motor is quiet (62 dBA), yet powerful and will produce humidification for years if maintained. Additionally, both units do not require heated water.  back to top

  • Are these humidifers difficult to install?
    Both the Hydrofogger and the Minifogger have the same simple installation method. They can be installed in a matter of minutes. Simply plug into our humidistat or a standard outlet, and then connect it to a water supply. That's it!  back to top

  • How do the humidifiers fill with water?
    Both the Minifogger and the Hydrofogger are connected to your water supply (see next FAQ) by 1/4" tubing. They will automatically fill and maintain the proper water level inside the resevoir. No need to refill the tank!  back to top

  • How do these humidifiers connect to water?
    Both the Minifogger and the Hydrofogger are designed to connect directly to a water supply with 1/4" tubing. You can feed water to the fogger in one of three ways: 1) Using a Saddle Valve (Part 525HH) on an existing pipe (similar to a refrigerator with an ice maker) 2) Using a Bulkhead Fitting (Part 600HH) on a large reservoir tank that is elevated and will gravity-feed the fogger 3) Using a Garden Hose Connector (Part 550HH) to connect a garden hose to feed water to the fogger. The fogger will then automatically fill and maintain the proper water level inside the reservoir. The water pressure connecting to the unit should be 70 psi or less.   back to top

  • Is there maintenance with these humidifiers?
    The Atomizing Screen, Fan Blade, Pump Cone, and Reservoir Pan should be removed and cleaned to remove bacterial growth, dirt and sediment as it builds up. How often depends on the quality and content of your water. We recommend at minimum every 30 days. Using our BioCubes will dramatically reduce biological growth in your fogger. Please download cleaning and maintenance instructions as well as a model diagram on the Downloads page. About once a year the unit should be checked for calcium buildup and a calcium dissolving agent should be used to soften and remove any deposits. Additionally, water should not be left inside the reservoir pan for extended periods of time.   back to top

  • Are these humidifiers quiet?
    Both of these humidifiers operate at about 62 decibels (dBA).   back to top

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