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 Why Humidify? 

The Benefits of the Correct Humidity Level are Manyfold:

  • Consistent, Stable Manufacturing Conditions
  • Improved Product Quality; Less Waste
  • Elimination of Static Electricity
  • Efficient Working Environment; Reduced Downtime
  • Faster Production Speeds
  • Stable Raw Material
  • Dust Suppression

And the Added Bonus of Free Cooling from the Hydrofogger!

The proper humidity level is an often overlooked condition in the workplace; yet it is critical to ensuring good product quality and efficient production. 
 Industry Humidity Levels  
 Print 50-65% rH Depending on Process
 Cold Storage 70-90% rH Depending on Food Type
 Concrete 90-99% rH
 Greenhouse 80-95% rH
 Textiles 50-75% rH Depending on Process
 Wine Cellars 50-66% rH
 Tobacco 55-80% rH Depending on Process
 Furniture 50-60% rH
 Baking 60-80% rH Depending on Process
 Livestock 65-75% rH
 General Manufacturing 55-60% rH
Remember--Static Electricity Will Be Prevalent Anytime the Relative Humidity Falls Below 45%!


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